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Document Archive: Original TIFF Scans

Older reports from Project Maje were not created electronically. However, these reports have been scanned so that they may be downloaded via the web. On the documents page, these have been "wrapped" in PDF to make them readable online. If, however, you'd like to attempt to extract editable text from these documents, you will need to use OCR software to process the original TIFF files. The tiff files are available here:
Dacoits, Inc. (dacoits.tif)

This Revolutionary Life (kachin_w.tif)

A Swamp Full of Lilies (lilies.tif)

Difficult Lives (dif_live.tif)

Jumping Rope on the Front Line (j_rope.tif)

Our Journey (journey.tif)

Women Speak Out for Peace in Burma (women.tif)

The Victim Zone (victim.tif)

A Gray Area (grayarea.tif)

I Am Still Alive (alive.tif)

Adrift in Troubled Times (adrift.tif)

For more information, contact Edith Mirante at maje@hevanet.com