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Search Help and Hints

This site's Search function can be used to search for single words or simple phrases. It's also possible to create more advanced queries, which will give you more precise results. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Look for words with the same prefix. For example, you can enter arm* to find arm, arming, armor, armchair, and so on.

  • Search for all forms of a word. For example, in the form type mine** to find mined, mining, and mined.

  • Search with the keyword NEAR, rather than AND, for words close to each other. For example, both of these queries, Kachin and religion and Kachin near religion, look for the words Kachin and religion on the same page. But with NEAR, the returned pages are ranked in order of proximity: The closer together the words are, the higher the rank of that page.

  • Refine your queries with the AND NOT keywords to exclude certain text from your search. For example, if you want to find all instances of Burma but not road, use the following query:

    Burma AND NOT road

  • Add the OR keyword to find all instances of either one word or another, for example:

    Naga OR Karen

    This query finds all pages that include the word "Naga" or "Karen" or both.

To search other sections of the Mekong Network, use the main site search page.